Interested in volunteering, submit your enquiry here – info@tntheritagegroup.ca

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  • Sharon

    Jan 27, 2015


    Please let me know how can I start volunteering with the TNT Heritage Group. Thanks in advance

  • Patricia Joseph

    Feb 14, 2016


    I'm interested in being a volunteer with your group. Please advise the steps to take. Thanks in advance.

  • Farlon Rogers

    Mar 02, 2017


    Hello Organizers, I am a Canadian and Trinidadian citizen, who has a personal vocation for enhancing the lives and culture of Trinidad and Tobago in our diverse Toronto city. How would I become a volunteer for this group and what type of positions are available and for what committment levels. I would be interested in applying, in also becoming a member. Thanks, Farlon

    • tnt

      May 05, 2017


      Hello Farlon, Thank you for contacting us, I will forward your contact information to the group and someone should be in contact with you soon. thanks TTHG

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